Why ACS Publishing?  My name is Kathie M. Thomas and I am the founder of “A Clayton’s Secretary” the oldest and original Virtual Assistant Network in the southern hemisphere. We provide many services are under the ‘ACS’ banner and have now added ACS Publishing to our group of business services.

As a child I’d always dreamed of writing and publishing my own books, although self-publishing wasn’t on the radar in those days. Over the years the VA Network has grown and provides many diversified services.  VA Trainer was birthed to provide training to Virtual Assistants and ACS Webservices to provide web hosting and web design/maintenance services for both VAs and clients.

Today’s technology has brought many things within reach of those who thought it might not have been possible only 20 years ago.

I have written and published several ebooks and a couple of printed books, and have also assisted several authors in recent years with their manuscripts. Some I’ve assisted with self-publishing their books and hence the reason for this site. To formalise a service I’ve been providing in recent years and bring it to the attention of those who have a book inside and would love to get it written and published.

That’s me over there with my first ‘real’ published/printed book which is available at Amazon.com, in bookstores in Australia and on a couple of other book sites too. I always get a thrill when I receive an email to advise me of more sales. But the biggest thrill of all, was one day walking to the post office in a suburb where I used to live, and as I walked along I noticed a number of people had just disembarked from the train station across the road.  Amongst them was a woman engrossed in the book she was carrying in her two hands.  As she walked along the book bobbed up and down and for just a moment, the book cover was on view and my heart stopped. So did my feet. I couldn’t believe I was seeing someone reading that very book.  I watched her as she walked towards me and then past me and I wondered if she realised she’d just walked past the author?  I doubt it.  I was too numb (or perhaps excited) to even consider touching her to say hi.  You could experience something similar yourself in time to come!