Does this describe you?

  • You’ve written your manuscript, or are in the process.
  • Things such as a good book title, what will the cover look like and how are you going to get it printed are rolling around in your head.
  • You’re not sure whether to seek out traditional publishing or go the self-publishing route.
  • You wonder about the costs and timing.
  • And you haven’t a clue how to price your book, or how to promote it…. wait, you didn’t realise you needed to promote it too?

Don’t worry, I can hold your hand.  I’ve been through this entire process myself.


I’ve been writing since I was a child and always dreamed of writing and publishing books when I was older.  As I got older and entered the real world, I always thought that publishing a book wouldn’t happen till after my working years, probably once I was retired.  But as my own Virtual Assistant business began to develop I found I had much information to share and I began to write small ‘how-to’ books which were both printed and made available as eBooks. And then I met a business coach who helped me to get my first full book written and published.  He helped by encouraging me to set aside regular time every week to continue writing my manuscript.  He encouraged me not to worry about the title, that it would come as the book was written. He was right.  And then he encouraged me to think about who I’d get to design the book cover, how I was going to promote the book, whether I was going to have a book launch.  Stuart got me to work through each stage, bit by bit, so that it wasn’t as daunting.

All the same, there was much I had to do on my own as I’d not gone through this process of publishing a ‘real book’ before.  I had to ask questions, do research and find out what it was to launch a book, do a joint venture online, get the book listed with and even gain an award for my first ‘real book’ and so on.  I enjoyed the process so much that I published another book less than two years later.

My first real book came from writing a blog on a topic. It got lots of readers and people writing to me for advice or to add comment to the blog.  How did they find it?  A US Senator drew their attention to my blog when he used it to drive home a point in his own writings. He linked to my blog. That blog still gets thousands of visitors now, even though this took place several years ago.  It was really just what I needed for people to find my writings.  Blogging is a good way to test your writing ability and to test your topic, to find your audience and the interest that can be generated.

Here are the steps I took to get my first real book published:

  • Research, collate, write, edit, proofread (a blog can be used for doing the initial writing and finding your audience)
  • Check publishing options: traditional or self-publish
  • Purchase ISBN and barcode/set price / library cataloguing
  • Cover design
  • Printing or print on demand (draft copy for checking)
  • Website or blog for promotion and orders
  • Book launch / Virtual Book Tour
  • Book reviews
  • Placed into bookstores (that’s one of mine in the centre of that photo at a bookstore)

You will need to do similar.  Assuming you already have your manuscript well under way, the next thing to do is to decide whether you need it reformatted to the correct book size.  Regular novels are printed at 6×9 or 8.5×5.5, depending on the country you’re in.  A book cover cannot be finalised until your manuscript is finished, however the general design can be started.  Important you have your title worked out then. Some know their title straight away, for others, it comes during the writing of the manuscript.

Who can I assist? Anyone who….

  • Wants to write a book – fiction or non-fiction
  • Write their life story/memoirs
  • Share an experience
  • A how-to for their industry
  • Develop self as expert in a field: health & fitness, photography, business coaching, business relationships, cooking, etc
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Short story collection
  • Poetry
  • The list goes on….

Contact me today to see how we can get the process started for you!