Horse Country

This interview is with Christine Meunier, author of “Horse Country – A World of Horses”.  I’ll let Christine tell you about the book and why she wrote it.

Tell us a bit about your book?

Horse Country follows the lives of four young women working in the horse industry.  It spans a six year period, with two working in the world of breeding thoroughbreds, whilst the other two work at their parent’s metropolitan riding school where they teach horse riding.

Did you have your cover professionally designed?

Yes!  Graphic Design City helped with this after I was encouraged by ACS Publishing to get a cover professionally done.

I was able to put in a lot of feedback and the cover photo is even one of mine.  I’m rapt with how it’s turned out.

As a first time author, did you find you needed help in getting the word out about your book and how to go about doing this?

Definitely.  I wasn’t sure what was necessary with regards to advertising.  On a budget, I’ve focused on gaining publicity – free advertising – but was made aware that it’s important to make people aware of the book before it’s released for sale.

ACS Publishing encouraged this as it helps to build up anticipation for the book’s release date as it draws closer.

I’ve created a website to advertise and sell the book from, a Facebook page and have lined up author interviews, book features and excerpts on varying horse and book blogs and websites.

What did it feel like receiving your first print copy of your book?

Incredible!  It seemed surreal to see my name on a hard copy of a horse book – I love it!

Do you think it is important for authors to make use of publishing services?

I think it’s important to be an informed writer when it comes to marketing your book.  Even if you self publish a book, you can make use of services that help you to market your book and generate a successful release.

Any advice for those considering writing their own book?

Do it!  Set yourself a goal end date and work toward it steadily and frequently.   Also make use of outside services that will help you in areas where you are weak, such as publishing and marketing.

Tell us a book you’re an advocate for?
The Bible.  It’s got it all – romance, suspense, murder, good defeating evil and an incredible story of love.

Where can people find out about your book?

Website: is the site where details regarding the author, blurb of the book and excerpts can be found.
Facebook: will keep fans up to date on latest reviews, excerpts, author interviews and more.



Author interviews

I thought why not add author interviews here so you can learn about those I’ve helped? Actually, it was my daughter who came up with the idea 🙂  She’s just about to launch her first book and was keen to get the exposure.

So stay tuned, I’ll have her interview in a few weeks!

In the meantime, if you’re an author, looking for help with your latest book I am happy to assist.  Just let me know!