Virtual Assistants working with authors

I saw a great article written by Michelle Rafter about how she, as an author, made use of a Virtual Assistant to assist her in her work.

Her opening sentence got my attention straight away.

“I started using a virtual assistant for one reason: sleep.

After the last session of the 2011 ASJA writers’ conference, I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC for hours working on sign-ups for the WordCount Blogathon, the annual blogging challenge I run as part of my freelance writing website, which was starting the next day. Then I caught a cab to JFK, hopped on a plane, flew 3,000 miles back to Portland, caught another cab home and stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish creating a blog roll of the 200+ people who’d signed up for the event. All I can remember thinking is, there has got to be a better way.”

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With a list of 6 different things that she found useful, this is a great guide for those who know they need help and want to start of slowly and small to ensure they’re getting the right kind of help.  Another VA Directory worth checking out is where you can source VAs with the kind of experience you need. Alternatively you can also check out the list of VAs at the Authors Assistant site.

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